Every business needs a marketing toolbox. Focus on having 1 to 5 marketing tools to build your brand, bring in leads, and convert those leads to sales. Are you looking to build your brand? Need some extra promotional possibilities? Ready to rock the social media world? No doubt businesses have found their way onto networks like Facebook and Twitter.

These two social media networks account for over a half of billion accounts. Trying to break into smaller niches can be a way to navigate and beat your competition. The use of other networks will help you build your audience and craft a specific image based on the habits of the users in that network.

Adding Tumblr to your marketing toolbox can boost your followers. Tumblr has it’s own culture and here is how you can capitalize on Tumblr’s success.

Their Growth

Pinging your content to Tumblr with your content is ideal due to their rapid growth. It’s size is doubling every 16 months. They have more than 40 million users with 129 thousand users signing up everyday. Their growth is not going to slow down.

This network lets you target the 13-25 year old age group. This is their most popular age group and 60% of teens cite Tumblr as their favorite social network. Your brand may not cater to this age group but this could be valuable information in case you want to make inroads to this generation. https://www.proflocanada.ca/

The Beauty of Tumblr

Unconventional ways to communicate your brand is what Tumblr provides. From sharing notes, pictures, videos, and blog post, they mastered multimedia sharing early on. It took Twitter and Facebook years to perfect their multimedia sharing.

Tumblr also uses Dofollow links. Your links boost credibility to the search engines and drives more traffic to your sites. Include keywords in your post just like you would on your regular website. Now you have another tool in your marketing tool box that is engaging your audience. https://www.proflocanad

Plan Your Approacha.ca/

Plan your approach when joining this network. I use Tumblr as another avenue to build my brand. I syndicate my blog posts, videos, and pictures through Instagram and on to my personal Tumblr blog. I want to increase awareness of my brand. What are your goals? Do you want to increase traffic? Show a better level of customer service? Engage a new set of followers? Looking for more sales?

Pinging networks like Tumblr is flexible and while it’s possible to engage all the approaches. Focus on one or two goals and keep it simple. Do not dilute your efforts. When you add this strategy along with Tumblr’s microsite feature, hosted on your own domain, the possibilities to reach new people are endless.



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