When it comes to stuttering myths we’ve heard them all. Not only do we not like them because they are myths, we feel it’s important to specifically address each one. So here goes…

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Myth: Those who stutter are not as smart as those who do not.

Reality: The reality is that there is absolutely no link whatsoever between stuttering and intelligence. There are plenty of doctors, lawyers, and college professors who stutter.

Myth: People stutter because the situation they are in is making them nervous.

Reality: Stuttering is in no way caused by nervousness. It would also be a grand mistake to assume that those who do stutter are somehow more prone to being more fearful, nervous, anxious, or shy than the rest of us.

Myth: By imitating someone who stutters or being around someone who stutters all the time stuttering may be “caught”.

Reality: Nothing could be further from the truth. We don’t actually know the exact causes of stuttering. Researchers are seeing clues that point to family history / genetics, neurological development and the child’s environment, including family dynamics, as possible causes. It seems that all of theses play some role in the onset of stuttering but at this point it’s all still unclear exactly where it comes from.

Myth: A person who stutters can control their stuttering by simply taking a deep breath before they speak or by thinking about what they want to say before speaking.

Reality: Becoming more self-conscious by employing these strategies not only does not help, it actually can make the stuttering far worse. A better response is to encourage a person who stutters by being a patient listener and then modeling slow and clear speech.

Myth: Stuttering may be caused by stress!

Reality: While there is little doubt that stress can aggravate stuttering there is no truth to the myth that it causes it. As already stated, there a lots of contributors to the cause of stuttering but stress is not one of them.

Myth: Stuttering is incurable.

Reality: You speak with and see people on television and hear people on the radio every day who have stuttered at some point in their lives. Most likely the reason you no longer hear them stuttering is because they have worked with a licensed speech therapist, receiving speech therapy to overcome their stuttering to the point that it is no longer a thought or concern.

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