So what do you look out for when you are searching for a local reliable tradesmen?

Every single homeowner will one day need the services of a local tradesmen and with many horror stories circulating and rogue trader forums and TV programmes, finding that reliable reputable tradesmen can be a tough job.

Firstly you should always ask your friends and family if they can recommend a tradesmen as this is always the best policy as you already have a glowing reference from somebody you can trust but this is not always an option. So what should your steps be to find a tradesmen.

Firstly the web is a good starting point as you can browse local tradesmen websites within your area and find a lot more information about that particular firm rather than flicking through the yellow pages where the majority of information is just names and numbers. Secondly a long established firm is always a good sign, as because they have been around for a while they obviously have a reasonable sized customer base which shows they are doing a good job. Even still though a newly established company doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t able to do a good job!

Thirdly a local company is vital as they will have a better understanding of the area and are probably more likely to be aiming to please as one good job can mean a job for life. These points are important but within most trades there are regulations and associations that tradesmen aim to be apart of as this does add not only add a professional touch to the company but will also for the majority of the time mean they are a legitimate company and not a cowboy out to make a quick buck. So look out for these logos on company websites, vans and business cards.

Finding local tradesmen doesn’t have to be a daunting job and


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