Golf bags today do not only house the golf clubs; they also provide compartments for refreshments, clothes and accessories like the mobile phones. Some manufacturers recognize the need for women to do re-touch on their make-up, so they added a pocket for that.

Bags come in different colors, styles, sizes, and materials. The pencil bag is ideal for the 9-hole match. It is designed from lightweight materials to hold only few golf clubs. The stand bag, another style of golf bag, provides storage and protection for the complete set of golf clubs.

The lightweight nylon-based materials and dual padded straps evenly distribute the weight across your back and shoulders. The latest stand bags come with retractable legs that are spring-loaded. The legs extend automatically when the bag is placed down. This feature enables you to access your golf clubs from a comfortable angle.

Golf bags can also be similar to a trolley. Designed to carry a complete set of golf clubs, trolley bags have 14 graphite-friendly dividers to provide excellent club protection in transit. It is the favorite bag among golfers, professionals, and hobbyists, because it can be pushed, pulled, or used as an electric golf trolley.

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