Once you are setup you are still able to use all the standard services you rely on such as call forwarding, call waiting, voicemail and caller ID. VoIP also offers services that are either unavailable on traditional telephone systems, or costly extras. These include three-way calling, web-based management and forking. Web-base management is the ability to listen to voicemails and divert calls directly from your email address. Forking allows calls to your VoIP number to ring two or more separate phone lines. Forking is particularly advantageous if making business calls to India from your home and office.

Unfortunately at this current time, only a small number of providers allow landline phone users to keep their numbers if they switch to VoIP. If keeping your number is important to you, keep your existing PSTN number for existing calls, and your VoIP system can be used purely for out-going calls. Another option is to divert all calls to your new VoIP number, although most landline companies will charge you for this service.

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