While we all know the importance of avoiding the summer slide, we also know how busy kids are today – Given the innumerable number of activities they have scheduled, how do we strike the right balance? The key idea is not to deprive them of fun and outings, but to diminish the line between fun and learning – Plan outings such that they learn while they explore and visit places, or while they go about daily activities. Kids can keep accounts at home, or read / write up grocery lists – whatever interests your kids, and of course, applies to their grade level.

So what are the things a parent can do to make sure their kids enjoy the summer, yet learn and maintain confidence in skills and studies? Experts suggest some ideas.งานพาร์ทไทม์,ที่พักพัทยา,jobnorththailand,งาน โรงแรม,งานโรงแรม

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