A common question among people with older homes or those wanting to change the colors of rooms is, how to paint ceramic tile? The answer is easily and inexpensively as long as you have some time to complete the job. The end result would be a refreshed, new look to a room.

When considering how to paint ceramic tile, start with preparations. The tile has to be well cleaned, removing any dirt, dust, wax and grease. Use soap and a scrub brush for ease in cleaning, and grout cleaner if necessary. Then it has to be completely dry before proceeding with the paint. The preparation stage is also the time to repair any ceramic tiles that are chipped or cracked. A quick-drying epoxy can fix any chips, while caulk can address cracks. Both need to be well dried before the paint is applied.

How to paint ceramic tile using the proper technique for floors, walls, or countertops is rather easy. A roller with a low nap is ideal for walls and floors to prevent bubbles in the paint. Equally effective is a sprayer for walls and floors, but because sprayers have the tendency to overspray, use a protective covering on furniture, nearby surfaces and other items in the vicinity.

When planning out how to paint ceramic tile, using the correct type of paint is important in achieving the best outcome. Using oil-based paints, epoxy paints, or water-based paints with urethane resin will ensure the paint doesn’t peel. For a nice finished look, use semi-gloss or high-gloss paint.

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