With so many choices of guitars on the market, it can be an overwhelming task to pick the right one. Guitars essentially can be broken down into two main, broad categories: electric and acoustic. Acoustic guitars require no amplification and typically are the guitar of choice for many beginning guitarists. Acoustic guitars are a good choice for those learning basic open chords or simple strumming patterns. An acoustic guitar can have steel or nylon strings that are typically much heavier in gauge to those found on an electric guitar. This can make bending strings or playing solo’s more challenging until finger strength and stamina are developed. Given the increasing popularity of county, pop, rock, and metal musical styles, many beginning guitarist are opting to buy electric guitars.  https://reverbpedalguide.com/

This then allows them to focus on learning to play their favorite musical style straight out of the gate. Electric guitars allow for more versatility and excitement due to their pickup configurations and ability to add distortion, reverb, and other effects to its amplified sound. Electric guitars then are increasing becoming the guitar of choice for many beginning guitarists. However, the question still remains, which guitar should a beginner buy? This is a difficult question given the number of quality guitars on the market. However, one of the common mistakes a beginner makes is buying an inexpressive and low-quality guitar. These guitars are often difficult to play, sound thin, and are not built to last. Furthermore, they end up costing more in the long run as one is forced to upgrade as skills increase. This then leaves the person with a low quality used guitar that is difficult sell (this is because inexpensive, low-quality guitars lose their value very quickly). A better, and more cost effective approach then would be to buy a mid-level guitar that holds its value. This adds built in value protection if one ever decides to sell.

The famous Fender Stratocaster, or, Strat for short, is popular guitar for the beginning, intermediate, and advanced player. Its straight-ahead design, durability, versatility, and playability, makes it a perfect guitar for all music styles. Made famous by Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Stevie Ray Vaughan, the Stratocaster comes in a variety of configurations and price points for almost every budget. Mid-level Stratocasters range in price from $400-600 depending on where it is made (i.e. America, Mexico, Japan). Buying a used Fender Stratocaster is also an option as Fender guitars are known to sound and play better with age. This is one of the reasons for the increasing popularity of Fender vintage series guitars, such as the Fender Stratocaster 60’s reissue and Fender Relic guitars.

The Fender Highway-One series is also a popular choice amongst beginning and intermediate guitarists as it is American made with the playability and tone of a vintage guitar. In summary, those just starting to play guitar are forced with a difficult decision when buying their first guitar. Electric guitars are increasing in popularity especially amongst novice guitarists as they allow for versatility and playability. Many, however, make the mistake of buying an inexpensive, poorly sounding and playing guitar. This then decreases motivation and desire to learn guitar and well and being a poor financial investment. The Fender Stratocaster is a quintessential guitar and one well suited for guitars of all levels that holds its value. There are many Stratocasters to choose from, so do your research and you’re sure to find the perfect Fender guitar and in doing so own a piece of music history.

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