Many of us now know that WordPpress is one of the most widely used blogging platforms available on the internet today. What you may not know is that many static websites and smaller service oriented companies can gain from the many benefits WordPress has to offer.

WordPress is a php based weblog software created by the open source community meaning that it can be installed and used free of charge. This dynamic platform allows users to quickly add posts and pages to the existing site with an easy to use interface and built in wysiwyg editor. Each new post automatically creates a new page and new links linking to that page throughout the website. Each post also creates an automatic listing in the archive. Page titled after the post and links throughout the site back to the post as well as the archive listing are just a few of the attributes that the search engine sees as helpful in classifying and listing your website. A search-engine friendly website is key to coming up high naturally in the search engines.

WordPress offers many features that any “techie” would find helpful and worthy of praise, but how can this help the business owner you ask… The answer is simple.

WordPress maintains a directory of the themes and plugins that developers in the open source community create and share with other WordPress users. It is these WordPress themes and WordPress plug-ins that really give a unique look and feel to your website. There are themes that match many different styles and genres. These themes are free download and simple to install. They simply need to be uploaded and then activated. The entire process takes seconds and makes the options for the style of your website nearly limitless.

The themes available for download at the WordPress press website offer the typical website owner options that can help set your website apart from the others. Features like a contact us form, instant call back feature, weather updates, calendars, membership sign up and many more, you truly can customize to your hearts content.

The powerful combination of WordPress blogging software, the themes library, and an assortment of plug-ins, make for a dynamic and truly effective website. Before running out and paying a web design company what could be thousands of dollars for a custom website consider running a customized version of WordPress instead.


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