Some people have expectations when they ship with courier companies that don’t actually align with how things actually work in the courier industry. One of the most common places that there are misunderstandings of this sort is when people expect their Santa Clarita delivery service to provide them with actual supplies for the packaging of their shipments. In fact, this is something that does not happen very often, and there are a number of good reasons why this is in face the case.

The number one reason that courier companies do not typically provide any kind of packing supplies for their clients use is because of the amount of time that this type of transaction would consumer during a standard courier delivery. When a courier is making a delivery, they are typically going to be making several deliveries on the same route. This means that any delay is going to affect every single one of the people on that delivery route. Of course, dropping of packing supplies would create this kind of delay.

Part of the reason this would be so problematic is because many people would begin to expect to have the courier bring their supplies and then pack the shipments while the courier waited. This would simply create an unacceptable delay in most cases. There are a few situations however where a certain type of courier supplies may be supplied in a certain way.

This means that there is sometimes a way for customers to buy courier supplies from a courier company. This will usually be on a basis where the courier can make delivery of those supplies at the same time that they are coming to your location to make a pickup. They will not wait for you to ever pack a shipment though, and instead these supplies are for use for packing your next shipment, not the one that they are picking up at that moment.

There is another reason why many courier companies do not carry packing supplies in their vehicles, or even ship them to their customers. That is because space is always at a very high premium in courier vehicles. This is evidenced with how courier companies charge by the amount of space a shipment takes up in a courier vehicle. Taking up space with courier supplies could actually end up costing a courier company money when they could instead be devoting that space to more shipments.

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