If you are in a rut, feeling depressed or just looking for some answers to the question of life, then Crystal Fantasy in Palm Springs is a great place to visit on your next Palm Springs vacation.

Located in the heart of the downtown Palm Springs, Crystal Fantasy’s is a place of spiritual enlightenment and study. There are daily readings and monthly events all designed to relax and rejuvenate the body and soul. The enlightenment center has a retail store that features healing gems, and minerals from around the world, including crystal balls, amethyst geodes, tumbled stones and more. https://crystalspringspharmacy.com/

During my last vacation to Palm Springs I stopped in Crystal Fantasy to get a reading of what life had in store for me in the coming year. When I first walked in I couldn’t help but hear the soothing spiritual music as well catch the perfumed smell of incense that sets the tone for the spiritual nature of the store.

Crystal Fantasy is a magical place for young and old. If you have young kids, as I do, there are lovely handmade wands great for the young girls in your family. Their collection of magical wands include wands made that from leather, copper and special colored silicon glass accented with gemstones and crystals.

For the more mature spiritualist, there are healing crystals of all sizes shapes and colors all touting restorative healing powers. The center piece of the healing crystal display is an incredibly beautiful Radiant Heart, which is supposed to have very powerful healing and restorative powers.

If you are looking to take home something ethereal for that special someone, Crystal Fantasy packages their own line of organic or handcrafted herbs and essential oils. There are also candles of all colors, sizes, and shapes. There is also an array of fairy figurines, art cards, prints, and the most incredible fantasy collection of dragons, mermaids, and wizards.

Of course, there is the usual display of incense and healing oils that you can bring home as well as a great library of eclectic music that goes along with the spiritual nature of the everything found at Crystal Fantasy.

On your next Palm Springs vacation, when you are strolling down Palm Canyon Drive be sure to make an eclectic stop into the Crystal Fantasy Enlightenment Center.

Mitchell Sussman has been a writer and television producer for the past twenty five years having produced adventure travel programming for the Travel Channel, PBS, ESPN, Fox Sports Net and many others.

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