The time has come to bring a little beagle dog into your family and you have decided that you want to deal with a beagle breeder so that you know what you are getting. However, like any other industry, there are fake beagle breeders out there that are trying to scam you. You want to make sure you avoid a fake beagle breeder or else you may get an unhealthy pet that could rack up huge vet bills and cause you and your family to make difficult decisions.

A sure fire way to weed out the fake beagle breeders from the legitimate ones is to ask about free pet insurance for after you bring your beagle home. Legitimate breeders are offered free pet insurance to give to buyers that affords coverage for six weeks after the sale in the hopes that you will extend the insurance after the six weeks is up. If your breeder is not willing to give you signed proof of insurance, or if you check out the insurance and it is not valid, you probably have a fake breeder.

Your relationship, and contact, with your beagle breeder is an ongoing thing that does not stop just because you took the beagle home. A legitimate breeder will be available for any beagle owner to answer questions and offer any advice you may need. If you are having a hard time getting your breeder on the phone, or they won’t answer any questions for you, then the chances are you have a fake breeder.

For first time beagle owners the beagle breeders are an invaluable resource for finding out the correct care and feeding instructions for your new beagle. The legitimate breeders build their business based on their reputation and it is important for them to be helpful. The good breeders will send home samples of food that should be fed to your new beagle so that you know what you are supposed to be feeding your dog. If your breeder is not offering any care or feeding instructions then you probably have a fake breeder.

There is nothing more important to your breeder for his business than his reputation for providing quality animals and being as professional as possible. If you maintain contact with your beagle breeder, and you find that you cannot keep your beagle later in its life, then the legitimate beagle breeder will take the dog back from you but without offering a refund. This way you at least know your dog will be taken care of. Fake breeders will usually not do this.

There really is not a lot you can do if you begin to realize a fake beagle breeder has duped you. You can report them to the National Kennel Club in the hopes that the breeder scams no one else and then also report him to the local chapter of the humane society so that any potential cruelty can be investigated. But aside from suing there is not much you can do and that is why you should never buy a beagle from a breeder that is not in good standing with the National Kennel Club.


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