Which is best – Joomla, WordPress or Drupal? Each web creation platform has its advantages, disadvantages as well as fan base. In this article I will discuss the major flaws of these open source software platforms in comparison to Joomla, of which I am an avid member of their fan base. Yes so admittedly I’m biased, but let me tell you why. barathkumaar.com

Drawbacks of WordPress

I’ve used both the free WordPress platform and hosted platform and while it’s impressive it has some disadvantages. WordPress rules are restrictive for web masters wanting to use the platform to make money. You simply can’t use the free hosted platform for affiliate offers or Google AdSense. This is a major draw back. I’ve had many a site built in WordPress that has mysteriously disappeared with no warning or email. This is disheartening as I have put a lot of care an attention into building the websites only to have that time completely wasted.

Using the free platform also has limitations with the many plugins. You pretty much have to pay to have your WordPress site hosted in order to take advantage of the full scalability of this content management system.

The other thing is time. Installing all the various WordPress plugins you need to optimization and use can take as much as a day, where as in Joomla it might only take me a couple of hours. Installing and configuring plugins in WordPress is arduous and often fraught with issues you have to spend time with your host solving. Time is money…

Drawback of using Drupal

Drupal just doesn’t have the flexibility and scalability of either WordPress or Joomla. And it’s really not that user-friendly. There are also serious limitations for designers and hence limitations for the end user. I think internet marketers and designers have been more inspired by WordPress and Joomla and more all round effort has gone into the ongoing development of the software, whereas Drupal tends to attract developers who don’t mind writing code and have not aptitude to the needs of a website for internet marketing and design purposes.

Joomla – The World’s Best Web Platform

There’s a big reason why Joomla has me joining its fan club and why it’s labelled the world’s best open source software. It simply brings everything together you could ever want for a simple or flash looking professional website. The function ability of the platform is so cost effective you’d be nuts not to learn Joomla today.

Let me give you an example why: I recently purchased a membership to a program that promised to help me develop a membership site I could load videos and audios up to and get easy sign ups. It was sold to me on the basis of it being quick and easy with good training. It cost me $99 up front with an ongoing $24 monthly fee.

Long story short it was so terrible I asked for my money back, which I was refused. I’m a web developer and I couldn’t figure out where to start with the training, only to find out the training was going to take 6 months! WHAT! I wanted it now. It was so complicated, the interface looked amateurish and there was no training on how to get memberships. I was ripped off. Which doesn’t happen that often as I usually test programs that offer a money back guarantee. Not so in this case.

I don’t know why I deviated from Joomla, I’ll never do it again. So I went back to Joomla, created my membership in TWO HOURS!! And how much did it cost me? NOTHING! Only the monthly fee of the hosting which is $9.95 and I already had the domain name.

This isn’t the only example of where using another platform will cost you so much more in time and money. Joomla is so affordable and flexible, what you can’t find as a plugin you can affordably hire a Joomla developer to design your plugin for you. I’ve never had any of my sites taken down by Joomla, as I have had with WordPress. I’ve learned my lesson and I’m passing it on to you. Get yourself a good quality Joomla Video Tutorial series and learn the platform today. You won’t regret it.

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