Healing after breakup is never easy. Sometimes the end of a relationship hits you like a bus. You never even see it coming. Other times the warning signs are clear as day, but you never seem to see them until it’s too late. Regardless, you still have time to start the healing process and get your ex back… if you choose to do so.

First, actually let the relationship end. Don’t keep hanging on to something that’s dangling by a thread. Cut the thread and start over with a larger, more solid thread. Otherwise, your relationship will continue to teeter on the edge of destruction.  http://www.cryptocurrencytradingcn.com

So how do you let the relationship end? By giving your ex time and space away from you. Break off contact for a while. No texts. No phone calls. No emails. No midnight drives over to their apartment. Actually be gone from their life so they know what it’s like to miss you.

Next, no matter how hurt you are, don’t seek revenge. It always comes back to bite you in the butt. Obvious revenge is taking a set of car keys and scratching the side of your ex’s car or slicing their tires.

A more subtle type of revenge is saying mean things about them, putting them down, or talking to other people about them behind their back. Don’t stoop to such a low level on either account unless you have no intention of ever getting back together.

Relax and do something fun. There’s no strings attached for the time being so do something you love. Just because you’re broken hearted doesn’t mean you have to let your spirits dip you into depression.

Being sad and lonely won’t help bring your ex back, so why feel miserable? Now is your chance to call your own shots and do whatever you want to do. Take advantage. Besides, your ex wants to fall back in love with the happy, fun you, not the miserable, depressed, angry you.

Lastly, take responsibility. Don’t focus on all the things your partner did wrong in the relationship. Instead, identify the things you could do better and commit to becoming a better person. Don’t point fingers. Don’t blame your ex.

When you take responsibility and take the lead in figuring out what went wrong and work on improving yourself, then your ex will follow. Healing after breakup involves staying positive and realizing no one will ever be perfect, but you can always STRIVE to be perfect. A breakup doesn’t have to be the end of the world.

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