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Niacid 50ml
Niacid 50ml
Universal complexion distillate
Niacid is a focused answer of remoted molecules
targeted on elevating indentations and clearing persistent
blemishes (erythema, hyper-pigmentation and so on) left on
pores and skin surface through inflammatory traumas like zits or
other atopic issues
Ships to Pakistan Limited to two bottles per order
Quantity : 1

Clears persistent scars


Mechanism: Melanin dispersion & erythema constriction

Dosed with a excessive awareness of Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and Tranexamic Acid, Niacid forces congregated melanin pigment (brown spots) to split and break free from a unmarried spot on pores and skin. Dark purple or purplish marks (submit-inflammatory erythema) are seen blood vessels close to the floor of skin that dilated at some stage in irritation. Niacid works to gently constrict dilated blood vessels even as concurrently sedating residual redness with Sodium Guaiazulene – a Crystalline from Blue Tansy of the Chamomile family.

Raises indentation depth


Mechanism: Tissue reconstruction & floor regularizing

Severe inflammation reasons the breakdown of underlying pores and skin tissues resulting in an anthropic scar (indentation). Distilled in Niacid, Italian Snail Secretion orchestrates the right assembly of skin’s greater-cellular matrix (ECM) by forming new tissues where there is loss – resulting in reduced depth of indentations. In addition, Niacid healthily exfoliates skin’s surface so that you can activate growth of latest skin cells, contributing to the velocity of new pores and skin tissue formation.

Reconstructs damaged barrier


Mechanism: Barrier structuring, hydration and nutrifying
Medicinal herb Scutellaria Root and Galactomyces ferment supplies key bio-available nutrients even as Sodium hyaluronate in custom molecular length lingers near pores and skin floor to attract hydration and fortify pores and skin’s moisture barrier.

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